The campground was formerly owned by Ken Eskildsen and was known as the "Skylane Trout Farm". It included a golf course, campgrounds, and trout farm.

The land was acquired in 1965. Construction of the lodge began in 1968. It is Nebraska's first junior campsite. The first junior camp was held in 1969 with 140 campers. The camp was built and is still maintained by lay members.

The camp was rich with Indian Lore. A number of arrowheads were found by Pathfinders camping here, and so the camp was given the name "Camp Arrowhead."

In order to raise funds for development of the camp a group was formed-Committee of 300 -"Gideon's Band" based on Judges Chapter 7. The members pledged to give $50 or more a year for 3 years. The Nebraska Conference and Central Union matched these funds.

in 2009, Maranatha Volunteers came and did some major updating on cabins! A total of 82 windows were replaced with new vinyl ones, 15 cabins were resided with Hardie Board and 22 roofs were replaced with new shingles. Many holes were repaired and plywood replaced on some. The cabins had not been majorly updated since they were built in the late 1960's and early 1970's!  We are so grateful for the time and money that was donated to the camp renovations. 

Camp Arrowhead has a rich history of ministering to youth through a nature experience. We continue to build on this tradition by opening our grounds to all of God's Children. 

Camp Rich in Indian Lore
Land acquired in 1965
Camp built & funded by lay members
Started for Youth